IT Managed Services

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Wanforce team delivers the necessary IT managed solutions to a large number of companies and business organizations with the aim to avoid technology-based bottlenecks associated with business operations. Whether you deal with downtime problems or bear a huge cost to keep the IT systems in up and running condition, you will expect to avoid such problems with our outstanding solutions.

Scope of our IT Managed Services

We have offered IT managed services in the following major forms-

Application Management Service

Our team provides you a sophisticated application management service, where our service remains tailored to specific requirements of customers irrespective of a particular application, on which the entire IT environment operates. In this way, our application independent type of service model brings a big difference and thereby, sets us apart from various other IT solution providers in the market.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions will work with our clients to fulfill the prime objective of developing a customized plan according to unique needs of their business operations. Most of the factors may influence the scope of any disaster recovery solution. Hence, we consider availability requirements, business hours, e-commerce strategies, criticality in the available data, regulatory implications and various other problems while we do the assessment and recommendation procedures. Hence, we provide you a wide range of solutions containing everything related to co-location with various managed solutions, private cloud solutions and disaster recovery services/steps.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Our hosted exchange, Skype facility for business and similar others are much more than merely an email communication and collaboration tool. Keeping this mind, we provide you the best possible solutions to enable your employees in sharing the valuable pieces of information and work together in far better manner than any other type of communication productivity tool/solution.

Database Management

Our team members put the best possible efforts in providing data management solutions and thereby, boosting the operational efficiency associated with your business. For this, we provide database patching, database administration, database upgrades and performance tuning and performance analysis. With our one-stop solutions, our clients will devote less time and IT resources to regular troubleshooting and maintenance activities.

Network Managing and Monitoring

Managing and monitoring of the network components, like routers, firewalls, load balancers and switches consume a huge amount of time and even they usually fail to become an optimum utilization of available IT resources. By keeping this in mind, our Wanforce network system engineers dedicate their valuable time to understand various complexities associated with any business in detail.

Security and Compliance

We put our efforts to address the unique security risks associated with the clients’ business and thereby, formulate a good plan to defend their networks.