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Training Type Online
Course Duration 24hrs
Price 49.999
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Skill Level Beginner
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    F5 BIG IP DNS Training - Course Overview

    Specialized networking courses are sought by thousands of aspirants, and certification in such technical courses can pave the way to rewarding jobs in the IT sector. Specialization in BIG-IP DNS systems can be useful for a bright career in the networking sector. To get such certifications, you need specialized training. WanForce offers a well-developed F5 BIG IP DNS Training course.

    F5 DNS Training – What are the offerings?

    This is a specially designed training course through which networking professionals get a good understanding of the BIG-IP DNS system. The Course spans topics like installation, management, and configuration pertaining to the BIG-IP DNS system. It mixes hands-on labs with class sessions.
    • You will learn about nuances of BIG-IP initial setup (provisioning, licensing, and network configuration).
    • You will master how to accelerate DNS resolution with DNS cache, DNS Express, and DNS server load balancing.
    • The F5 DNS Training course covers Intelligent DNS resolution with wide IP pools, wide IPs.
    • You will learn how to deploy probes and metrics to aid the intelligent DNS resolution process.
    • You will know about the Intelligent DNS load balancing methods.
    • You will get an overview of the Domain Name System along with DNS resolution flow through BIG-IP DNS.
    • You will know how to set up DNS listeners.
    • You will learn how to monitor intelligent DNS resources.
    • It will cover nuances of Logging GSLB load-balancing decisions.
    • You will cover ways to use DNSSEC.
    • You will be able to embed iRules in the DNS resolution process.
    • You will be able to manage BIG-IP DNS sync groups.
    Lesson 1 : Setting Up the BIG-IP System
    • Introducing the BIG-IP System
    • Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System
    • Configuring the Management Interface
    • Activating the Software License
    • Provisioning Modules and Resources
    • Importing a Device Certificate
    • Specifying BIG-IP Platform Properties
    • Configuring the Network
    • Configuring Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers
    • Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) Settings
    • Configuring High Availability Options
    • ActivatingArchiving the BIG-IP Configuration
    • Leveraging F5 Support Resources and Tools
    • BIG-IP System Setup Labs
    Lesson 2 : Introducing the Domain Name System (DNS) and BIG-IP DNS
    • Understanding the Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Reviewing the Name Resolution Process
    • Implementing BIG-IP DNS
    • Using DNS Resolution Diagnostic Tools
    Lesson 3 : Accelerating DNS Resolution
    • Introducing DNS Resolution with BIG-IP DNS
    • BIG-IP DNS Resolution Decision Flow
    • Configuring BIG-IP DNS Listeners
    • Resolving DNS Queries in the Labs (Lab Zone Records)
    • Load Balancing Queries to a DNS Server Pool
    • Accelerating DNS Resolution with DNS Cache
    • Accelerating DNS Resolution with DNS Express
    • Introducing Wide IPs
    • Using Other Resolution Methods with BIG-IP DNS
    • Integrating BIG-IP DNS into Existing DNS Environments
    Lesson 4 : Implementing Intelligent DNS Resolutions
    • Introducing Intelligent DNS Resolution
    • Identifying Logical Network Components
    • Collecting Metrics for Intelligent Resolution
    • Configuring Data Centers
    • Configuring a BIG-IP DNS System as a Server
    • Configuring a BIG-IP LTM System as a Server
    • Establishing iQuery Communication between BIG-IP Systems
    • Configuring a Non-F5 Server
    • Defining Links and Routers
    • Configuring Wide IP Pools
    • Configuring Wide IPs
    • Managing Object Status
    • Using the Traffic Management Shell (TMSH)
    Lesson 5 : Using LDNS Probes and Metrics
    • Introducing LDNS Probes and Metrics
    • Types of LDNS Probes
    • Excluding an LDNS from Probing
    • Configuring Probe Metrics Collection
    Lesson 6 : Load Balancing Intelligent DNS Resolution
    • Introducing Load Balancing on BIG-IP DNS
    • Using Static Load Balancing Methods
    • Round Robin
    • Ratio
    • Global Availability
    • Static Persist
    • Other Static Load Balancing Methods
    • Using Dynamic Load Balancing Methods
    • Round Trip Time
    • Completion Rate
    • CPU
    • Hops
    • Least Connections
    • Packet Rate
    • Kilobytes per Second
    • Other Dynamic Load Balancing Methods
    • Using Quality of Service Load Balancing
    • Persisting DNS Query Responses
    • Configuring GSLB Load Balancing Decision Logs
    • Using Manual Resume
    • Using Topology Load Balancing
    Lesson 7 : Monitoring Intelligent DNS Resources
    • Exploring Monitors
    • Configuring Monitors
    • Assigning Monitors to Resources
    • Monitoring Best Practices
    Lesson 8 : Advanced BIG-IP DNS Topics
    • Implementing DNSSEC
    • Setting Limits for Resource Availability
    • Using iRules with Wide IPs
    • Introducing Other Wide IP Types
    • Implementing BIG-IP DNS Sync Groups
    Lesson 9 : Final Configuration Projects
    • Review Questions
    You must complete one of the following:
    • Administering BIG-IP v12
    • BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Essentials
    • Achieve F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator certification
    You should understand:
    • TCP/IP Addressing and Routing including the Address Resolution Protocol, Direct and Indirect Routing, and TCP Handshakes
    • Command Line Configuration
    • Common elements of and differences between WAN and LAN components
    • Fundamental programming concepts
    In addition, you should be proficient in:
    • The Linux File System
    • PICO editor or VI editor
    • The TCPDUMP program

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