With consistent changes in the complexity and size of a data center, Data Centers and IT professionals need the appropriate equipment and configurations to meet the specific business environment requirements for their survival in the industry. At the same time, they require the necessary remote management solutions to gain access to servers, various network devices and mission-critical systems in an effective way and within a less possible span of time.

Here comes the role of outstanding Data Centre & Virtualization Solutions offered by Wanforce Group. Our offered solutions not only help you in operating your system in an efficient way, but they also contribute to a strong strategy and help you in saving your money. We always go with a vendor independent approach to review the specific business/IT environment and thereby, help in finding the best possible infrastructural solutions for your server room, data center and server rack or computer closet. Data center update is obviously a huge undertaking and hence, we provide you a variety of solutions intended to simplify the complete process starting from its initial assessment to up to the ongoing management.


Our team consists of experts always remain ready to evaluate the present environment and provide the necessary data center assessments. In addition, we perform regular health checks as well as assessments to help our clients with simple and easy data migration.


Our design team works with you with the aim to determine the specific technical requirements, so that we successfully identify the key data center technologies, which will definitely work efficiently for the success of your organization.


We have certified technicians to assist you with rack, software and hardware configuration, asset tagging, customized imaging and tracking, along with proper implementation of an appropriate solution and proper migration of data.


With the objective to ease the overall burden on staffs, we have a team intended to provide you with fully managed solutions to help you with different tasks, which include upgrades, monitoring, reporting, maintenance and software as well as hardware incident management.

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