Our cloud migration service plays a major role in bridging the gap in between the IT capacity and consistent demands made by business organizations. In addition, with the help of cloud migration, our team identifies the areas related to both business opportunities and potential risks. In this way, we help in bringing improvements in the already existing performance of any business and availability of various critical business operations. Wanforce cloud migration solutions mitigate the business risk in advance to boost the performance level and at the same time, to invoke a robust and a repeatable procedure resulting in a drastic growth of the business in near future.



We are recognized as the biggest global leader for delivering specialized cloud and server migration solutions to our clients. We always provided full service and guaranteed migration solutions for every type of application, workload and environment to any server or any cloud and at any place.


We provide you with total cloud adoption to allow you in evolving your digital assets critical to the mission of your business. On broad classification, we have offered the following solutions for our clients.

  • Dependency Mapping.
  • POC Migration.
  • Target Architecture.
  • Readiness Evaluation.
  • Auto Scaling Solutions.
  • DR, compliance and security services, along with.
  • Performance Tuning Solutions


We put our best possible efforts to bridge the gap between product engineering and IT operations to help in the agile development and seamless collaboration with the objective to bring applications to market at the fastest possible rate and in a predictable manner. Thus, Wanforce managed solutions help you to save your money and boost your capacity.

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