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    Professional Cisco SD-WAN Training Online Course Module

    Entities like Cisco offer several networking courses, and these are deemed important for IT professionals willing to build a career in hardware and networking domains. However, to get into the Specialized networking courses of Cisco, you need in-depth training from suitable entities. Wanforce offers tailor-made training courses for various Cisco certification programs.

    SD-WAN Training Cisco Online – An Overview

    In SD-WAN300, candidates will master the best practices for setting up routing protocols in data centers. They will also learn ways to deploy advanced control, application, and data-aware policies. The Cisco SD-WAN Training Online course covers SD-WAN deployment along with migration options. It includes deployment of edge devices, placement of controllers, and ways to configure DIA breakout. This course aids you prepare for the deployment of Cisco SD-WAN Solutions exam. Two certification programs like CCNP Enterprise and Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation, have the course in it. The candidates enrolling for both the courses will have a clear idea of the components of SD-WAN and the solution. They will learn ways to operate, create, manage a secure network courtesy of products of Cisco SD-WAN. This course covers ways to set up, monitor, and operate overlay routing with the specialized extensible network. They will get to know the policies and QoSright through the network of SD-WAN.

    SD-WAN Cisco Training – What to Learn?

    After doing this SD-WAN Training Cisco course, you will know the use of Cisco SD-WAN for:
    1. Meeting SLAs for real-time, business-critical applications.
    2. Setting up a transport-independent type of WAN for higher diversity and lower cost.
    3. Offering end-to-end kind of segmentation for safeguarding critical enterprise IT resources.
    4. Extending public cloud in a seamless manner.
    5. Enhancing user experience with SaaS applications.
    6. Description of Cisco SD-WAN overlay network.
    7. Describing SD-WAN cloud options and on-premises deployment options.
    8. Describing the best practices used in WAN routing protocols.
    9. Describe dynamic routing protocols and SD-WAN environment best practices.
    10. Explaining migration to Cisco SD-WAN from legacy WAN.
    11. Explaining ways to execute SD-WAN Day 2 operations.
    12. Identifying the architecture and various components in this solution from Cisco SD-WAN.
    13. Deploying vEdge routers creating a secure network.
    14. Setting up and authenticating overlay routing.
    15. Setting up secure, extensible network traffic flow policies.

    SD Wan Cisco Training – The Outline

    The outline of the SD Wan Cisco Training module is listed here:
    • Virtual Classroom Live Outline
    • Cisco SD-WAN Routing Options
    • Cisco SD-WAN Policy Configuration
    • Cisco SD-WAN Migration and Interoperability
    • Cisco SD-WAN Management and Operations
    • SD-WAN Solution Components
    • Extensible Network Deployment
    • SD-WAN Template Deployment
    • SD-WAN Overlay Routing
    • SD-WAN Policies and QoS
    Each module has several components in it.
    We offer well-developed Lab sessions to ensure the students get in–depth and hands-on knowledge on Troubleshooting and Implementing SD-WAN operations. The whole course included around forty sessions. 

    LABS: Virtual Classroom Live Labs

    • Deploying Cisco SD-WAN Controllers
    • Adding a Branch Using Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Deploying Devices Using Configuration Templates
    • Configuring Controller Affinity
    • Implementing Dynamic Routing Protocols on Service Side
    • Implementing Transport Location (TLOC) Extensions
    • Implementing Control Policies
    • Implementing Data Policies
    • Implementing Application-Aware Routing
    • Implementing Internet Breakouts
    • Migrating Branch Sites
    • Performing an Upgrade
    • Manage and Monitor SD-WAN Components
    • Deploy and Verify SD-WAN vEdge Routers
    • Deploy SD-WAN Templates
    • SD-WAN Overlay Routing
    • SD-WAN Policies

    The Prerequisites for getting enrolled

    To get enrolled in this course, you need to have skills and knowledge on the following subjects.
    • You must have completed Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment course or a course having similar value.
    • You must have good knowledge of Software-Defined Networking concepts in LSL network deployments.
    • You must have robust knowledge in enterprise-wide area network design.
    • You need to have a solid knowledge of routing protocol operation, both exterior and interior types.
    • You should be well-versed in IP Security and Transport Layer Security.

    Who can attend the course?

    • Enterprise Network System Installers
    • Solutions designers
    • Network administrators
    • System administrators
    • System integrators
    • System installers

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