Recommended Cisco CCNP Enterprise Training Certification

Cisco conducts a wide range of networking-centric entrance tests in various parts of the world every year. Clearing these specialized entrance tests can prepare you for a glorious career in the realms of hardware and networking. However, clearing such exams without proper training can be very hard. That is why you need the training provided by WanForce. We offer carefully crafted training ideal for popular Cisco entrance tests, including cisco CCNP enterprise training. After completing this module, your chance of clearing CCNP Enterprise will enhance considerably.

To be eligible for CCNP Enterprise, you have to clear a couple of exams. These are- an enterprise concentration exam and a core exam. Keep in mind that each exam you approach in the CCNP Enterprise program fetches your individual Specialist certification. This will only add to your accomplishments.

CCNP Enterprise Certification - What it covers

The CCNP enterprise certification covers your concepts on enterprise infrastructure. You can expect questions from topics like network assurance, automation, security, dual-stack architecture, and virtualization.

The Concentration exams cover cisco enterprise solutions. It deals with industry-specific topics like automation, wireless tech, SD-WAN, and network design. The aspirants may prepare for such concentration exams by following equivalent Cisco training modules.

Required Exam

Core exam:

Concentration exams (choose one):

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