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Training Type Online
Course Duration 24hrs
Price 49.999
Training Test Yes
Batch Available (Mon-Fri)&(Sat-Sun)
Skill Level Beginner
Latest Technology Coverage CISCO,AWS,MICROSOFT,Certificate Courses
Hands-on-Lab experience,one-to-one Problem Solving Session Yes

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    AWS Cloud Practitioner Training- The Overview

    Nowadays, thousands of businesses and even govt. entities are resorting to the deployment of cloud services worldwide. A career in cloud computing can be lucrative, and thousands of aspirants sit for the AWS certified cloud practitioner test. However, getting through the test is not easy, and that is why you need the AWS Cloud Practitioner Training. Wanforce offers a tailor-made training curriculum to prepare for the AWS certified cloud practitioner entrance.

    The AWS certified cloud practitioner Learning Path is meant for students who want to master the basics of cloud computing concepts without getting into technical aspects. This training will help you obtain a good knowledge of the AWS Cloud. It can be ideal for professionals dealing with the AWS Cloud in sales, technical, managerial, or financial roles. The Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation is a good starting point for people without technical acumen to grasp the nuances of Cloud Computing. The training course includes hands-on labs, instructional courses, preparation exams, and quizzes.

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Course –The Prerequisites

    The Candidates will gain if they already have basic knowledge of IT services. They will find the AWS Cloud Practitioner Course easier to pursue if they know something about the AWS platform and allied product services.

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training- The Agenda

    This Learning Path introduces cloud computing basics and then gets you introduced to the AWS services related to the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

    • Introduction to Cloud Concepts:

    In it, you will learn the economics and advantages of building IT services through the AWS cloud. You will also master the best practices of AWS Well-Architected Framework. You will cover core AWS services like Management Services, Networking, Security, Database, Compute, and storage.

    • Introduction to Cloud Security:

    In the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training, you will learn essential security concepts like access management, encryption, and the Shared Responsibility Model, along with best practices.

    • Cloud Billing and Pricing:

    After wrapping the training course, you will learn the working procedure of the AWS. You will also learn how it may vary from one service to another. The course also covers tools used in AWS for managing account costs and AWS account customer support options.

    • Quizzes and the final Preparation Exam:

    This Learning Path packs in a final preparation exam simulating the real-life exam environment. Eventually, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam lets the aspirants showcase their knowledge in the domain with a globally acknowledged industry certificate. This exam covers domains like cloud concepts, billing, and pricing, security, technology.

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